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Kingsmen VS Voidwalkers

And so, the clash of the century begins! Once upon a time (5 years ago) a mad scientist who was know experimenting with vortexes and portals mysteriously vanished! No one herd from him and no one saw him again that is until he returned 5 years later claiming to have unlocked the secret of life and immortality! Of course everyone remembered the adjective "mad" in mad scientist and they locked him up because of it (and because he didn't pay taxes). Before they locked him up he said : "They will come for me! It can only bring death and destruction!", no one believed him... but They came... and they sure as hell didn't bring flowers and chocolate... The most of the kingdoms army chickened out... some stud tall.. the ones that stayed were declared the guardians. But the guardians couldn't defend the kingdom alone and so the king hired some low lives... some stinking criminals... He hired mercenaries. To continue reading lore click here
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